where we are, who we are and what we do

PictureNo, that's not the pastors house. That's where Motueka Baptist Church meets. It's at 15 Greenwood St and we meet on Sunday mornings at 10am and most Sunday nights at 6pm. We have a children's ministry called Power-station on Sunday mornings. They do the first five or ten minutes in grown-up's Church then out . . . 

First and foremost we love Jesus . . .


but we believe that loving Jesus is not just singing songs to Him up through the ceiling on a Sunday morning. He actually said something like, you can't say you love Me if you don't  love other people. So we are doing our best to be a Church that loves people . . . all people, everywhere, all the time.
As cool as it is to have great Church services if we had to choose we would rather have great relationships, a family atmosphere, rich conversation, and love. We do have great services too however; contemporary and alive.

the best of Motueka Baptist is not on Sunday's


We do other cool things like Making A Difference Youth that happens on Friday nights. Men's Breakfast is every Saturday morning. Ambrosia is a women's morning for connecting and creating and sharing life together.. Step Up is our effort to help people learn work skills as well as serve the community. Classic Films for Seniors is just that . . . once a month we show Classic films, for over 50's. Powerstation is our kid's Church on Sunday mornings.  We have really nice grounds so we sometimes do outdoor movies, or family events on the lawn with food, volleyball, and music etc. We also have a number of small groups that meet during the week.

Everybody is a minister


but our pastor's are Lyall and Rose Scheib. They both really love Jesus, and really love people and really love life. Lyall is kind of quiet, has a great smile and is an awesome teacher of the Word. Rose is vibrant and energetic, all fun and incredibly passionate for God and everything about Him. They have five children and five grandchildren.

you can find us here


15 Greenwood St,
P.O. Box 203
Motueka 7143

phone or fax (03)528 0962
e-mail mot.bap@xtra.co.nz